Advanced Tutorials

We provide more advanced tutorials for you to better understand how to work with more complex systems in TESPy.

At the example of different heat pump topologies, you will learn to

  • create a more complex model step by step and get the idea of designing a plant and calculating the offdesign behavior.

  • set up a code structure, which allows you to generate stable starting values flexibly, helping you to build reliable setups faster.

  • use the inbuilt exergy analysis method in a simple geothermal heat pump setting.

Furthermore, we introduce the coupling of TESPy with pygmo in order to create an optimization problem, which optimizes thermal efficiency of a Clausius Rankine power plant. Also, there is a tutorial on the implementation of an air source heat pump in an energy system dispatch optimization problem using oemof-solph. For that tutorial an air source heat pump is implemented in various details of modeling complexity and the results are transferred to the energy system optimization problem.

If you have any questions, ideas for other tutorials or feedback, please reach out to us. We are looking forward to hearing from you!

Build complex systems step by step
Generate stable starting values
Exergy analysis of a heat pump
Integration of an air source heat pump in energy system optimization
Optimization of a thermal power plant
Gas Turbine with Heat Recovery Steam Generator

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